Birding At Barsul, Burdwan (Subhendu)

It was a bright winter Sunday morning. This year again three of us started our journey to Barsul ( West Bengal, India )by the bank of river Damodar naturally painted with golden sands. By packing some foods and taking the camera and the binocular we stared the 100 km journey from our home. I always prefer birding with my family as my wife likes to spot birds and my son takes the responsibility of identification once I have pressed the shutter.

We crossed the 250 meter long temporary bamboo bridge (called sanko in local language) which is also allowing the motorbikes as well on its feeble structure along with the human beings . The other side of the river is less disturbed by human and hence more movements of birds like White browed wagtail, Barn swallow, Little ringed plover,Kentish plover, Greater sand plover , Little stint, Wood sandpiper. We were excited to see the flock of Ruddy shelducks enjoying their lunch and sudden sighting of a brown colored, bird of prey hovering over our head, Common kestrel further added to our joy of bird sighting.

Weather was pleasant, light was perfect this year and so we were all charged up. We saw Sand larks on the golden sands of river Damodar and what a perfect camouflage it was. I just lied down on the sand and crawled for few yards on my elbow to get closer to the bird and got the dream shot of Sand lark.


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